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Article about A2P Registration

Everything You Need to Know About A2P 10DLC Registration

February 23, 20246 min read

Everything You Need to Know About A2P 10DLC Registration

If you are a business owner and send text message campaigns to your leads, then you’ve probably come across terms like; A2P, campaign registration and TCR (The Campaign Registry). So if you want to keep sending your SMS campaigns without any kind of disruption or being flagged, it’s a great idea to learn about it.

At first, it might seem complex to understand, but we’re going to help you learn about it in a really simple way. In this article, we’ll help you learn everything you need to know and how Bizmated will help you go through that process!

What is A2P 10DLC?

Application-to-person (A2P) messaging refers to using an app or software to text consumers. Business text messaging empowers brands to automatically send customers account notifications, delivery alerts, promotional offers, security codes for two-factor authentication, etc., to their phones. Text messages open a personal dialogue between brands and customers. While person-to-person (P2P) messaging is used for communication between acquaintances, A2P builds on those dynamics to make consumers feel as if they’re hearing directly from a friend.

A 10-digit long code (10DLC) refers to a personalized phone number consisting of a 10-digit phone number designated for business communication and text messaging applications.

The genius of 10DLCs is that they’re designed to look like local phone numbers. This makes business communication, text message marketing, and bulk messaging appear more trustworthy.

Plus, 10DLCs allow for two-way messaging and voice calls.

So, if a doctor’s office or dental practice texts an appointment reminder, their patient can respond with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to confirm. Or they can call the number to reschedule.

What is The Campaign Registry?

The Campaign Registry (or TCR) was created to regulate spam texts and opt-out options for customers.

CR was set up to crack down on spam texts and give customers more control over opting out of messages they don't want to receive.

Now, with TCR in the picture, any A2P 10DLC SMS campaigns have to pass through a verification process before they hit your customers' inboxes. This step ensures that what you claim to be sending matches up with your actual messaging behavior, making bulk messaging safer and more reliable.

But here's the thing - if your messages are only going outside the United States, or if you're using toll-free numbers or short codes, you can skip the TCR registration. However, it's worth noting that these types of numbers still have their own approval processes, which can take a bit longer compared to TCR.

So, whether you're diving into the world of A2P messaging or exploring other options, understanding TCR and its role can help you navigate the waters of text campaign regulations with ease.

Why Does It Matter?

Did you know that registering with carriers is not only necessary but also beneficial for your business? The Campaign Registry (TCR) was designed to combat spam and fraud, but it does much more than that. By getting registered, you're not just improving the security and trustworthiness of your brand, but you're also giving your customers peace of mind, knowing that you're not bombarding them with unsolicited messages.

Plus, registering means your messages are less likely to get flagged or blocked by carriers, which ultimately improves their deliverability and ensures your customers receive them promptly.

On the flip side, failing to register can lead to penalties. Carriers might take action such as banning or flagging your messages, and you could even face fines of up to $10 per message for non-compliance.

So, by taking the simple step of registering, you're not only staying on the right side of the rules but also setting your business up for success in the long run. It's a win-win situation for both you and your customers!

Without transitioning to A2P you will see:

  • Delivery failure

  • Blocked messages

  • Reduced deliverability rates

Using A2P 10DLC numbers:

  • Reduces messages being flagged as spam

  • Ensures SMS marketing efforts remain efficient and effective

  • Establish a more trustworthy and reliable communication

  • Channel with customers

  • Compliant with regulations

How to Register for A2P Campaign?

Register the newly created Business Profile for A2P 10DLC capabilities by creating a US A2P brand. This will register the business for US A2P10DLC capabilities. This is required for both a Sole Prop and an EIN. To start a registration, navigate to the Trust Center on the Phone number section, under the Settings category, and hit “Start Registration”.


Step 1 of going through A2P registration process

Click here in the Trust Center to Start A2P Registration


Determine A2P Brand Needs

  • If the business has a Tax Number (EIN for the US, CCN for Canada, etc.), Please select "Yes, the business I’m registering has a US EIN" (Standard Low Volume Brand Registration).

  • If the business does not have a Tax Number but operates from a valid Business Address in the US/Canada, Please select "No, the business I’m registering does not have a US EIN" (Sole Prop Brand Registration).

  • If the business does not have a Tax ID and the business address is not in the US/Canada, unfortunately, they cannot proceed with A2P Brand Registration. In this case, the best alternative would be to use Toll-Free numbers after completing the registration process.

  • Click Next.


Step 3

Fill out the other sections that are: Business Details, Business Address, and Contact Info.


Enter A2P Campaign details.

Select the Campaign Use Case & enter its description.

  • Select "Low Volume Mixed" - it is not recommended to use any other category.

  • The description should be 2-3 sentences describing the various use cases. The minimum length is 40 characters, max. 4096 characters.

  • Click Next.

Step 4 of A2P Registration


Add Sample Messages

Providing Production Sample Messages is integral to succeeding in the A2P10DLC registration.

You must follow the tips listed below as they are an essential clarification on precisely how to breeze through the verification;

  • Ensure consistency in brand, website, and sample messages

  • Use cases must align with the "mixed" method you selected.

  • There must be Consistency in the email domain and company name for messages and brand profiles.

  • The website must be valid and working if a link is included.

  • Submit messaging only for the brand you are registering.

  • Do not submit registration for more than one business across all of Twilio. In other words, use different business information in multiple sub-accounts.

  • If your messages are to include merge tags include those by enclosing them in [brackets] such as [Bob]

  • Click Next.

Step 5 of A2P Registration


Provide Details Around End-user Consents and Opt-in

Next, provide the details around end-user consents and opt-ins. This section must be completed appropriately as it is one of the cornerstone requirements.

Please be aware that this component is critical for your approval so we highly recommend you follow these guidelines:

  • Make sure consumer opt-in is collected appropriately.

  • Make sure opt-in language is available on your website if you indicated in the “message flow” field that a consumer opts into your campaign on your company website.

  • We recommend having opt-out language in at least one of your sample messages.

Then, click Submit to save the registration.

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